Insuk and Kevin got married on June 25, 2005. I had just graduated from the 8th grade a few days prior, and they trusted me enough to film the most important day of their life.


A family friend knew I loved making videos at home with my friends, and asked me if I would be interested in filming her neighbor’s wedding. I agreed to do it free of charge, and I was so excited someone trusted me and believed in me to film such an important day in their life.

It was 95 degrees, even with the ceremony overlooking the ocean in Rockport, MA. I used our family handycam to film it–no tripod, no microphones, just the handycam. Looking back to where I started, and where I am 12 years later, it’s amazing to see how much you can grow and learn over time, but also how much remains the same.

Back then I was a little zoom crazy and didn’t know tripods existed, but despite the shaky zoomed in video, I knew enough to capture people mingling, the details that made their wedding unique, and even the groom singing with his friends. I’ve always loved putting focus on candid moments and showing off the little details  put into their wedding day. So much time and effort goes into planning and creating those decorations and details. The bride and groom loved their video and were so appreciative. I remember receiving a thank you card in the mail, and I knew I wanted to do more weddings in the future.

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